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New Years in LA, New Years in Los Angeles, New Years in Hollywood

New Years In LA

We’re as excited about the New Years in LA as anyone; seriously, we expect great things from the last night of 2016. This is the night where both the good and bad let the hedonist inside of them creep out even further for an evening of pure insanity. This annual event provides a quintessential L.A. nightlife experience as party-goers have access to the Clubs in Hollywood, West Hollywood Clubs as well as private events at hotels and other unique venues they will otherwise not have access to.

People from around the world come to celebrate New Years in Los Angeles. They come to enjoy the unique entertainment scene with awesome nightclubs, chic lounges, and hotel rooftops that are featured in films; it’s fair to say that New Years Eve in Los Angeles is pretty epic. But if you’re a local, chances are you’re not going to opt for some of those choices you have experienced one too many times so you probably will opt to celebrate your New Years in Los Angeles at a unique venue or unique event.

New Years Eve in LA is an extravaganza that transforms Downtown LA into a city-wide celebration of the fabulous year past and the fierce year to come. Some historic high rises will come alive with special light shows and special events. The champagne will be flowing across the city this, but one needs a worthy cushion for all that celebratory bubbly to avoid starting your New Year in the ER.

As far as events for New Years Eve in Hollywood go, you can’t beat free. If you plan to spend New Years Eve in Hollywood and seeking fireworks, the greatest composed presentations are those at the Universal City Walk. One of the greatest gatherings in the Hollywood region is the yearly New Years in Hollywood Countdown Bash at the Universal City Walk. The Universal City Walk features a wide range of entertain including major recording artists. This event is great for families and those seeking a low brow fun. However, if you are seeking glamour, an over the top opulence as part of your New Years in Hollywood, we have a short list of the best options.

If you plan to celebrate New Years in LA or New Years in Hollywood, here are the best events for New Years in Los Angeles. Click on the New Years Eve image below for our short list.

New Years in LA, New Years in Los Angeles, New Years in Hollywood