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NYE LA 2016, LA NYE 2016, NYE In LA 2016

NYE LA 2016

NYE in LA is easily the most anticipated event of the year. What better way to end the year than with a big blow out party that includes friends and family?

LA NYE 2016 puts you in the hottest and trendiest sector of Southern California; Hollywood is the center of entertainment in California.

NYE in LA 2016 is one of the most competitive nights of the year in the service industry. Beautiful and temperate weather along with easy access to neighborhood parties brings in high-yield revenue for local businesses. In order to stand out from the normal crop of LA NYE 2016 events, nightclubs will go all out trying to out-do each other.

There is no ball drop during NYE in LA 2016, but there are hundreds of countdowns, it’s an incomparably vast experience, it’s a moment shared amongst millions. To provide you with ample time to plan for this widespread celebration, we’ve decided to jump start preparations with a list of things to remember when planning NYE in LA 2016

  1. Reserve ASAP– Book a hotel, book an event, book a limo, book, book, and book
    NYE LA 2016 is arguably the center of the social world when the clock strikes midnight and December becomes January. Hotels, parties, packages, etc. should all be reserved now. The longer you wait, the more expensive everything will be.

  2. it’s going to be cold
    Sometimes weather can get in the way of fashion, and LA NYE 2016 is one fashionable holiday. Despite the lack of convenience, it’s important to remember that January is the heart of winter. Point being, unless you plan to drive (which means no drinking), waiting outside for your driver will be a very cold experience so don’t forget to bring a jacket or wear layers.

  3. NYE LA 2016 is an all-night-long affair — don’t just stick to one spot.
    With the pinnacle of the evening set for midnight, LA NYE 2016 tends to extend longer than most holidays. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to consider bar-hopping packages and leaving plans fairly open after the countdown. You can multiple late tickets (much cheaper) to several clubs in Hollywood which will allow you to do a club crawl.

Whether you’re heading to Grand Park for NYE LA 2016 or exploring different happenings around town, NYE in LA 2016 is sure to impress. Just make sure your plans are set in plenty of time to make the most of this extraordinary evening.

We have selected the best NYE LA 2016. Click on the New Years Eve image below for our short list.

NYE LA 2016, LA NYE 2016, NYE In LA 2016