New Years Eve Los Angeles

Los Angeles, with all its diversity has a New Yea’s Eve celebration for every taste and every budget. We present a short list of the most exciting, exclusive, fabulous & unique events for your New Years Eve Los Angeles.

As a Local or as a tourist you are very likely to get scammed, caught up in chaos or end up in jail on New Years Eve Los Angeles if you buy a ticket to the wrong Los Angeles New Years Eve event or from the wrong promoter.

Most clubs do not offer anything much more than they offer every week through the year. However, in Los Angeles on New Years Eve they will charge 5 times their normal price, sell way too many ticket which is usually way higher than their legal capacity and some allow underage drinking. These always results in chaos outside the club, your promoter or ticket vendor disappears so you don’t get a refund and on very common occasions you will end up in jail for trespassing for parties at unlicensed venues, disorderly conduct for partying on the sidewalk and even more likely DUI if you decide to party in your car.

The best way to avoid the scam, the chaos and jail is to find a private party. In Los Angeles private parties can be expensive, much more unique, usually with an open bar, they can offer the best experience and they usually continue until sunrise with an exclusive and selective crowd. Private Party promoters can be extremely selective, they would usually want to see a picture of you or meet you before approving you to buy a ticket. Their selectivity usually results in the best experience in return for your money.

If you have that little extra cash and you want a new experience then you need to look for something different like say a Mansion Party, Penthouse Party, Yacht party or anything else that does not include a local bar or a nightclub but still with a great atmosphere.