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New Years Eve Los Angeles FAQs

Will Call vs Hard Tickets

  • New Years Eve Los Angeles – Will call functions like guest list. It means you have to wait in line, present your receipt to door host and the host will search for your name on the will call list. Hard tickets presents an opportunity to walk in quickly. With hard tickets, you pay online and come to our office in Hollywood to pick up your tickets.

How do I purchase hard tickets?

  • Most of the events on this website are strictly will call. Some do have hard ticket options. If you really need hard tickets, send us a message here

What is the best time of Arrival?

  • Great question. Always at 9pm-10pm to avoid the really long lines. Arriving that early usually means you can get faster entry at the door and easier access to the open bar. After 10.30pm, we can not guarantee your reservation.

Do you have Parking?

  • At most venues in Hollywood and West Hollywood, there is usually valet out front. For events at unique venues, you have to leave your car at the closest parking lot and take shuttles to the venue.

Do you serve food?

  • On New Years Eve, most nightclub that sells food usually don’t sell any food unless otherwise stated. Some events do include food.

Do you have a Coat Check?

  • In our office at New Years Eve Los Angeles? Yes. However, at the various events listed on this website, no idea. Some venues will have coat check but others wont.

Do you accept Checks

  • For New Years Eve Events, we can accept checks but we need 3 business days for the checks to clear before we can release the tickets.

What is your breakdown of Tax & Gratuity

  • At New Years Eve Los Angeles, we do not calculate Tax & Gratuity. The prices are usually calculated by the event producers. However, in Hollywood & West Hollywood venues, gratuity is 20% and state tax is 9-10%. These are usually added to your bottle service and private events bill. For drinks purchased at the bar, only sales tax are added and gratuity is optional.

What type of music will be played?

  • Depends on the event. Check the details of each event. You can also do a little research on the djs scheduled to play at the event that interest you.

What is your Dress Code?

  • Depends ont he event. However, most for New Years Eve Events would request you wear suits & dresses. Most venues will not permit hats, sandals, shorts, sneakers, ripped or baggy clothing and athletic wear.

What is your Refund Policy at New Years Eve Los Angeles?

  • If you pay online, the refund policy depends on the event producer. If you pay by cash directly to us, we can provide only at the permission of the event producer. Unless the event gets cancelled, refunds do not happen.

Can I change the name of tickets?

  • Names can not be changed after ticket purchase

What are your accepted forms of ID?

  • A current, valid government issued ID is required. It must show your current picture, date of birth and signature. Absolutely no photocopies. All guests must be 21 years of age or older

I’m visiting from out of the country, what is an acceptable form of ID?

  • Your passport.

What forms of Payment do you accept at New Years Eve Los Angeles?

  • Ticketing page will accept all major debit/credit bank cards with visa & MasterCard logo and American Express. For some tickets, we will pay cash.

What do I do when pre-sale tickets are sold out?

  • Sometimes we have higher priced tickets at the door. But its best to first contact us here

Once I’m inside, can I leave and re-enter the event?

  • 99% of the time, No! But sometimes its possible depending on the event and the security at the event.

I have more questions, What do I do?

  • To contact us quickly, Click Here or email us at info at NewYearsEveLosAngeles.net.